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Padlocks & Locks

A large range of padlocks to suit any need, including keyed differently, keyed alike, master keyed and rekeyable. If you can't find what you are looking for, or need something slightly different, please call us on 0845 800 1111 and we'd be delighted to help.

Brass Padlocks

Heavy Duty Padlocks Combination Padlocks Weatherproof & Marine Padlocks
The every-day padlock standard. Strong & great value. High security padlocks for demanding applications. Features the Abus Granit range. Convenience without a key. Great for luggage, lockers, bikes & scooters. Specially designed for outdoor use, sheds, gates and even boats.
Abus Titalium Cable Locks & Chains Hasps & Staples Abus Granit
The strength of a brass padlock at a fraction of the weight, and lower price. Suprisingly strong and flexible. A range of cable locks & chains to secure your prized asset. High security hasps & staples to match your padlock. Abus' highest security industry-leading Granit range, for the toughest security.

Padlock Key Types

Keyed Padlocks - Padlocks which are simply opened with a key. Each padlock has a different key.

Keyed Alike Padlocks - A set of padlocks with the same key. Usually used in places such as schools or estates with a groundsman / single keyholder.

Master Keyed Padlocks - A set of padlocks with their own unique keys, but which has a master overriding key which can open each one in the set.

Rekeyable Padlocks - Padlocks where the cylinder can be removed and reset to fit a completely new key.

We can offer all of the above, including serviced padlocks for the highest of security with our on-site locksmith. Please simply contact us with your requirements.

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Abus Explorer Sports and Travel Lock

£4.96 £19.96

Abus Sporty Sports And Travel Lock

£4.00 £19.96£4.99£0.99 (20%)

Abus Cable lock uGrip Cable 560 Black

£7.75 £17.95

Abus Lock-Chain Combination uGrip Chain 585

£12.95 £25.20

Abus Ugrip Bordo 5700 Folding Lock with Holder ( Blue only )

£27.95 £32.00

Silverline Padlock Set Keyed Alike 2pce

£3.50 £3.96

ABUS Mechanical 115/100 Locking Brackets Pair Carded

£5.33 £9.24

ABUS Mechanical 125/150 High Security Hasp & Staple Carded 150mm

£34.79 £60.40

ABUS Mechanical 130/180 Granit High Security Hasp & Staple Carded 180mm

£70.07 £121.66

ABUS Mechanical 147 TSA 30mm Combination Luggage Padlock

£9.56 £16.62

ABUS Mechanical 148 TSA 30mm Combination Cable Luggage Lock

£9.56 £16.62

ABUS Mechanical 158KC/45mm Combination Padlock with Key Override

£19.80 £34.38

ABUS Mechanical 190/60 60mm Heavy-Duty Combination Padlock Closed Shackle (4-Digit) Carded

£52.26 £90.72

ABUS Mechanical 215/100 Container Lock + 37RK/70 HB100

£250.68 £435.20

ABUS Mechanical 70/45mm Expedition Solid Brass Padlock Carded

£10.22 £17.77

ABUS Mechanical 950/100 Steel-O-Flex Cable Lock 100cm x 25mm

£57.14 £99.19

ABUS Mechanical T84/40 40mm Left Hand Key Blank 08682

£0.95 £1.64

ABUS Mechanical X Plus Key Blank 23211

£3.49 £6.06

ABUS Mechanical Key Blank X-Plus (Led) 35754

£4.51 £7.85

ABUS Mechanical Integral Van Lock White 141/200 + 23/70 with 70mm Series 23 Diskus Padlock

£32.86 £57.04

ABUS Mechanical WA50 Wall Anchor

£28.48 £49.45

ABUS Mechanical WBA 100 Granit Wall Anchor Carded

£69.00 £119.80

Faithfull Padlock with Security Alarm 70mm

£14.04 £25.80

Faithfull PVC Coated Brass Padlock 50mm

£11.78 £21.66

Faithfull Stainless Steel Discus Padlock 70mm

£6.24 £11.46

Forge Hasp & Staple - Wire Black Powder Coated 100mm

£0.67 £0.96

Henry Squire NO.6H Clam (Hardened Steel) 152mm

£8.80 £12.00

Henry Squire CBW85 Hi-Security Shutter Combination Padlock 83mm

£59.14 £80.58

Henry Squire DCH1 Hasp & Staple For DCL1 Disc Padlock

£11.46 £15.62

Henry Squire DHH1 Triple Hinged Hasp & Staple 200mm

£16.51 £22.50

Henry Squire Garage Guard T-Handle Protector

£37.28 £50.80

Henry Squire HLS50P5 Integrated High Security Lockset 5-Pin (CEN Grade 3)

£80.68 £109.93

Henry Squire HLS50S High Security Lockset Solid Hardened Steel (CEN Grade 5)

£114.98 £156.68

Henry Squire LB1 Heavy-Duty Hardened Steel Brackets 106mm

£9.50 £12.96

Henry Squire LH1 Locking Hasp

£12.71 £17.32

Henry Squire NO.8 Hardened Maxiclam 216mm

£23.08 £31.43

Henry Squire SHH1 Double Hasp & Staple 160mm

£13.27 £18.08

Henry Squire SS50 Hi-Security Combination Padlock 50mm Closed Shackle

£71.14 £96.94

Henry Squire SS50 Hi-Security Combi Padlock 50mm Open Shackle

£57.78 £78.74

Henry Squire TSA Approved Twin Pack Keyed Alike Padlocks 2 x 20mm

£6.92 £9.44

Henry Squire TSA Approved Recodable Combination Padlock 35mm

£6.92 £9.44

Henry Squire WS50P5 Stronghold Bullit Padlock 5-Pin 50mm

£50.23 £68.45

Master Lock ProSeries Stainless Steel 4 Digit Padlock 57mm

£42.48 £69.89

Master Lock ProSeries Brass 4 Digit Padlock 57mm

£29.18 £47.99

Master Lock ProSeries Die-Cast Zinc Body 4 Digit Padlock 57mm

£19.13 £31.44

Master Lock Hasp 89mm + Solid Brass Padlock 40mm

£9.11 £14.98

Master Lock Garage Protector Kit

£126.01 £187.51

Master Lock Electronic Indoor Padlock

£32.46 £36.22

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