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Bosch Progressor Quick Change Holesaws
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additional image for Progressor Quick Change Holesaws
additional image for Progressor Quick Change Holesaws
additional image for Progressor Quick Change Holesaws
additional image for Progressor Quick Change Holesaws
additional image for Progressor Quick Change Holesaws
additional image for Progressor Quick Change Holesaws
additional image for Progressor Quick Change Holesaws
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Bosch Progressor Quick Change Holesaws

RRP: £10.26 from £5.99
Ref: 81534
  Code Name Price Qty  
2608584621 Progressor holesaw 27mm 1.1/162608584621 £8.50
2608584629 Progressor holesaw 40mm 1.9/162608584629 £11.95 Out Of Stock
2608584632 Progressor holesaw 44mm 1.3/42608584632 £11.50
2608584648 Progressor holesaw 76mm 32608584648 £23.98 Out Of Stock
2608584650 Progressor holesaw 83mm 3.1/42608584650 £14.99 Out Of Stock
2608584653 Progressor holesaw 92mm 3.5/82608584653 £25.00 Out Of Stock
2608584656 Progressor holesaw 102mm 42608584656 £19.96 Out Of Stock
2608584660 Progressor holesaw 114mm 4.1/22608584660 £32.95 Out Of Stock
2608584664 Progressor holesaw 152mm 6"2608584664 £49.96
2608584613 Progressor holesaw 16mm 5/82608584613 £5.99 Out Of Stock
2608584615 Progressor holesaw 19mm 3/42608584615 £5.99 Out Of Stock
2608584616 Progressor holesaw 20mm 25/322608584616 £7.25 Out Of Stock
2608584619 Progressor holesaw 24mm 15/162608584619 £7.99 Out Of Stock
2608584623 Progressor holesaw 30mm 1.3/162608584623 £9.95 Out Of Stock
2608584628 Progressor holesaw 38mm 1.1/22608584628 £10.00 Out Of Stock
2608584630 Progressor holesaw 41mm 1.5/82608584630 £13.00
2608584631 Progressor holesaw 43mm 1.11/162608584631 £12.55
2608584635 Progressor holesaw 51mm 22608584635 £11.95 Out Of Stock
2608584639 Progressor holesaw 57mm 2.1/42608584639 £12.49
2608584644 Progressor holesaw 67mm 2.5/82608584644 £13.99 Out Of Stock
2608584646 Progressor holesaw 70mm 2.3/42608584646 £13.96 Out Of Stock
2608584655 Progressor holesaw 98mm 3.7/82608584655 £19.96
2608584662 Progressor holesaw 127mm 52608584662 £39.95
2608584618 Progressor holesaw 22mm 7/82608584618 £7.75 Out Of Stock
2608584622 Progressor holesaw 29mm 1.1/82608584622 £8.95
2608584637 Progressor holesaw 54mm 2.1/82608584637 £11.95 Out Of Stock
2608584642 Progressor holesaw 64mm 2.1/22608584642 £14.50
2608584663 Progressor holesaw 140mm 5.1/22608584663 £49.96 Out Of Stock
2608584612 Progressor holesaw 14mm 9/16"2608584612 £7.96 Out Of Stock
2608584620 Progressor holesaw 25mm 12608584620 £9.49
2608584624 Progressor holesaw 32mm 1.1/42608584624 £11.26 Out Of Stock
2608584626 Progressor holesaw 35mm 1.3/82608584626 £9.95 Out Of Stock
2608584634 Progressor holesaw 48mm 1.7/82608584634 £10.96 Out Of Stock
2608584638 Progressor holesaw 56mm 2.3/162608584638 £13.00 Out Of Stock
2608584641 Progressor holesaw 60mm 2.3/82608584641 £13.96
2608584643 Progressor holesaw 65mm 2.9/162608584643 £13.96 Out Of Stock
2608584647 Progressor holesaw 73mm 2.7/82608584647 £14.99 Out Of Stock
2608584649 Progressor holesaw 79mm 3.1/82608584649 £14.50 Out Of Stock
2608584651 Progressor holesaw 86mm 3.3/82608584651 £16.96 Out Of Stock
2608584652 Progressor holesaw 89mm 3.1/22608584652 £15.95
2608584654 Progressor holesaw 95mm 3.3/42608584654 £17.95 Out Of Stock
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Progresser Holesaws for wood and metal for the toughest demands. Quickly and steadily through a wide variety of materials.

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UK Mainland £2.75
Scottish Highlands £3.49
Scottish Islands £3.49
Northern Ireland (BT postcodes) £3.49
Republic of Ireland IOM N/A
Channel Islands & Islands £5.00
Europe N/A
Rest Of The World N/A

NOTE: Price is per order not per item

Very good, prompt delivery.
Frank, London 15/06/2016

You are wasting your time if you need (accurate) round holes and don't use Bosch progressor hole saws. We use the on steel and aluminium and they are long lasting, they cut well and they are round.
Rich, coleford 25/04/2016

Again a great price and fast and secure delivery.
stephen, Nuneaton 02/06/2014

A little difficult to find on the system the type of holesaw I wanted but achieved. This was my second holesaw purchase.
Viv, Tarporley 13/05/2014

Usual good quality from Bosch. Easy to use with quick release. As with all hole cutters, don't try to cut to deep as getting out the cut core can be difficult. Have used this quite alot and would recommed to anyone.
Geoffrey, Nr. Dingwall 21/11/2013

The right item advertised well great price and fast service. Would tell others to use this co.
Paul, Llandeilo 01/11/2013

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