The difference between a saw and a knife is that a saw removes material during the cutting process where a knife just parts the materials.

The width of the material removed by a saw is called the Kerf and this value may be important to engineers and cabinet makers who work to fine tolerances. For most users the quality of the cut is expressed in the terms fine or coarse and is measured by the number of teeth per inch. (tpi)

Carpenters saws (wood saws) for wood and hacksaws for metal are the most popular type of saw with dozens of variations for specialist applications or materials like plasterboard, block work and plastic.

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Draper 49283 Expert Supercut® 300mm/12 inch Soft Grip Floorboard Saw


Draper 23213 500mm/20 inch General Purpose Hand Saw


Draper 52195 3 Piece Saw Set

£11.50 £38.86

Ox Jab Saw With Protective Holster 6.5''/165mm

£9.96 £10.30

Draper 05719 4920 Expert Plus 300mm Soft Grip Hacksaw Frame

£18.95 £42.00

Draper Venom 550mm hp Hand Saw


Ox P130730 Pro High Tension Hacksaw 12

£15.95 £24.72

Stanley FatMax Folding Jab Saw

£11.95 £18.53

Stanley 1-20-110 Dynagrip Heavy-Duty Hacksaw 300mm (12 in)

£9.95 £25.69

Bahco 225-PLUS Hacksaw Frame 300mm (12in)

£15.62 £32.95

Bahco 239 Junior Saw 150mm (6in)

£3.67 £5.16

Bahco 244-20 Laminator Handsaw 500mm (20in)

£15.31 £21.54

Bahco Saw Triple Pack 2 x 244P-22 Barracuda Saws + 1 x 2700-22 Hardpoint Saw

£65.60 £92.28

Bahco 256-26 ProfCut Hardpoint Block Saw 650mm (26in) 2tpi

£38.74 £54.48

Bahco 300-14-F15/16-HP PrizeCut Toolbox Handsaw 350mm (14in) 15tpi

£13.48 £18.96

Bahco 301 Coping Saw 165mm (6.1/2in) 14tpi

£11.78 £16.58

Bahco 302-83S-12P Spiral Fret Saw Blades Medium 130mm (5in) (Pack of 12)

£2.77 £3.89

Bahco 306 DIY Hacksaw Frame 300mm (12in)

£9.56 £13.46

Bahco 332-21-51 ERGO™ Bowsaw 530mm (21in)

£10.40 £21.30

Bahco ERGO™ Handsaw System Barracuda Blade for Handle (3 pack)

£32.14 £45.20

Bahco NP-12-TEN PrizeCut Tenon Saw 300mm (12in) 13tpi

£12.53 £17.63

Bahco PC-12-COM ProfCut Compass Saw 300mm (12in) 9tpi

£14.52 £20.44

Bahco PC-12-VEN ProfCut Veneer Saw 300mm (12in) 11tpi

£18.23 £25.64

Bahco PC-24-PLS ProfCut Plasterboard Saw 600mm (24in) 7tpi

£20.47 £28.80

Bahco PC-6 ProfCut Drywall Saw 160mm (6.1/4in) 8tpi

£11.78 £16.57

Expert Mini Hacksaw - Revolver Handle

£6.78 £10.94

Faithfull Foresters Bowsaw 530mm (21in)

£5.70 £10.81

Faithfull Professional Hacksaw 300mm (12in)

£8.30 £15.76

Faithfull Piercing Saw 130mm (5in)

£5.52 £10.48

IRWIN Junior Saw 150mm (6in)

£6.72 £10.32

IRWIN General Carpentry Pull Saw 300mm (12in) 14tpi

£16.01 £24.59

ITL Insulated Insulated Junior Hacksaw 150mm (6in)

£12.30 £19.85

IRWIN Jack Xpert Floorboard/Veneer Saw 325mm (13in) 12tpi

£8.48 £11.93

IRWIN Jack 770Uhp-550 Hp Soft Grip Handsaw 22In

£12.60 £17.72

IRWIN Jack 880UN Universal Toolbox Saw 350mm (14in) 8tpi

£8.92 £17.30

IRWIN Jack XP3047-300 Universal Key Hole Saw 300mm (12in) 7tpi

£9.06 £12.74

Monument 2000M Junior Hacksaw 150mm (6in)

£2.03 £3.64

Olympia Junior Hacksaw With Blades 150mm (6in)

£2.12 £3.82

Roughneck R33 Masonry Saw 700mm (28in)

£44.45 £79.66

Stanley Tools FatMax Coping Saw 165mm (6.3/4in) 14tpi

£9.85 £15.88

Stanley Tools High Speed Steel Molybdenum Hacksaw Blades 300mm (12in) x 24 tpi Pack 2

£3.64 £5.84

Stanley Tools FatMax Mini Flush Cut Pull Saw 125mm (5in) 23tpi

£8.08 £13.02

Trend Folding Flush Cut Saw 120mm (4.3/4in) 22tpi

£26.66 £26.88

Vaughan 150RBD Bear (Pull) Saw Blade For BS150D

£13.52 £19.03

Vaughan BS240P Bear (Pull) Saw 240mm (8.3/8in) Extra Fine

£23.36 £32.86

Bahco 228 Junior Saw Blades

from £3.41 £4.79

Bahco 23 Series Raker Tooth Bowsaw Blades

from £3.23 £4.54

Bahco ProfCut Dovetail Saws

from £9.68 £13.62

Wood Saws

These fall into 2 main categories, Carpenters tools for dead or cut wood and Horticultural and Forestry saws for living green wood.

Carpenters saws used to be very expensive and much coveted tools that a craftsman sharpened and kept for years. Due to advances in technology carpenters saws can be cheaply produced and the hard point teeth cannot be sharpened thus rendering the tool disposable once the teeth become blunt. Companies such as Bahco (formally known as Sandvik and renown for quality saw blades) and Stanley now make saw systems where the blades are disposable but fit into a special handle that is kept and can be used for a whole range of blades. Faithfull saws tend to be budget priced and often used as site saws and thrown away when the job finishes.

Tenon saws are smaller with a fine cut but not so popular now as furniture tends to be flat-packed and not craftsmen made. Keyhole saws, Jabsaws, compass saws , flush cut saws, coping saws and fret saws are all specialist saws used for more intricate woodwork applications.


Forestry and Horticultural Saws

Bowsaws are used to cut large branches from trees and shrubs whilst the long thin pruning saw is used to access awkward places and smaller branches. Bahco bowsaws are used by professional foresters and horticulturalists due to the exceptional blade quality whilst brands like Faithfull are popular with the more sporadic use of the hobby gardener.


Hacksaws for Metalworking

The hacksaw is an essential tool for any workshop and like the woodsaw comes in many shapes and sizes. The most common engineer's hacksaw has been produced in the same form by companies like Irwin and Stanley for decades. Fancier versions with easier blade tensioning and comfy handles have evolved for the serious user and improvements in the blades now make them less brittle and able to operate more effectively under extremely high tension.

The junior hacksaw is a handy small version for more intricate work as is the Stanley mini-saw where the blade extends forward from the frame to give access to the most restricted areas.


Specialist Saws for Plasterboard, Block Work, Plastic and PVC.

Due to the nature of certain materials it is necessary to use saws with carbide tipped teeth or unusual angles that remove material faster or without causing so much heat and friction. Other specialist saws are developed for specific tasks such as the Stanley floorboard saw that has teeth on the curved front edge to cut into the floor before using the conventional flat saw edge to cut along the floor.

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