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Chalk Lines

Chalk lines are used frequently in carpentry and construction for marking out areas where a straight edge or other rule isn't long enough.

Most chalk lines or chalk reels go up to approximately 30m and you can purchase a wide range of chalk colours. Replacement and refill chalk is also available.

Stanley chalk lines are most popular, and they come in their standard and FatMax range.

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Ox Pro Chalk Powder 8oz / 226g

from £2.77 £4.87

Stanley Chalk Line 30 Metre Blue Chalk & Level

£3.54 £8.94

Ox Pro Heavy Duty Chalk Line Reel - 30m / 100FT

£16.70 £21.48

Stanley Chalkomatic 30 Metre / 100 Feet

£6.98 £13.52

Stanley Power Winder Chalk Line 30 Metre , Chalk & Level

£8.95 £19.91

Ox Trade Heavy Duty Chalk Line Reel - 30m / 100ft

£6.76 £8.70

Stanley 0-47-147 Compact Chalk Line

£4.96 £10.16

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