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Ox Tools OX-P028330 Pro Closed Reel Tape Measure - 30M / 100FT


Ox Tools OX-P100950 Pro Dori Block With Lock Bolt


Ox Tools OX-P013105 Pro Dry Wall External Corner Trowel 100x125mm

£7.85 £7.99

Ox Tools OX-P013001 Pro Dry Wall Internal Corner Trowel 102x127mm


Ox Tools OX-P082614 Pro Drywall Hammer 14oz/400g


Ox Tools OX-P100715 Pro Dutch Pin (4)


Ox Tools OX-P130201 Pro Grout Remover

£6.47 £9.49

Ox Tools OX-P070701 Pro Hand Sander - 240mm X 80mm

£13.67 £18.00

Ox Tools OX-P093015 Pro Handy Bar 16inch / 390MM

£9.43 £10.00

Ox Tools OX-P028705 Pro Heavy Duty Tape Measure 5M Metric/Imperial


Ox Tools OX-P110515 Pro Invincible 15 Litre Bucket

£4.43 £5.99

Ox Tools OX-P102201 Pro Mortor Spike

£7.81 £10.99

Ox Tools OX-P016933 Pro Polyurethane Plasterers Hawk 330x330mm


Ox Tools OX-P013808 Pro Small Trowel 200x75mm


Ox Tools OX-P223010 Pro Straight Tin snips 10 Inch/ 250mm


Ox Tools OX-P013325 Pro Taping Knife - 10in / 250mm


Ox Tools OX-P230420 Pro Wide Head End Cutting Nippers - 200mm


Ox Tools OX-T082820 Trade Claw Hammer 20oz/570g


Ox Tools OX-T022910 Trade Medium Lead Carpenters Pencils 10PK + Free Sharpener

£4.68 £4.99

Ox Tools OX-P361501 Pro Multibit Ratchet Screwdriver

£13.08 £13.99


£17.88 £19.99

Ox Tools OX-P011018 Pro Plasterers Trowel - Stainless Steel 115 x 457mm


Ox Tools OX-P011510 Pro Tuck Pointer 6 3/4in x 3/8in


Ox Tools OX-P016811 Pro Polyurethane Plasterers Float 280x110mm


Ox Tools OX-P016815 Pro Polyurethane Plasterers Float 350x150mm

£6.12 £7.49

Ox Tools OX-P018504 Pro Pointing Trowel - Philadelphia 4inch/102mm


Ox Tools OX-P018505 Pro Pointing Trowel - Philadelphia 5inch/127mm

£8.23 £9.49

Ox Tools OX-P024406 Pro Level 600mm


Ox Tools OX-P028230 Pro Open Reel Tape Measure 30 Metre 100Ft


Ox Tools OX-P028250 Pro Open Reel Tape Measure 50 Metre 100Ft


Ox Tools OX-P031101 Pro Brick Jointer 1/2''/ 5/8''

£5.03 £5.50

Ox Tools OX-P110620 Pro Heavy Duty Flexi Tub - 20 Litre


Ox Tools OX-P370406 Pro Wood Chisel 6mm


Ox Tools OX-P405401 Pro Rubber Sponge Float Coarse


Ox Tools OX-S248101 Professional Wrap Around Safety Glasses (Clear)


Ox Tools OX-S248102 Professional Wrap Around Safety Glasses (Smoked)

£5.24 £6.49

Ox Tools OX-P092303 Pro Brick Chisel - 3 x 8 1/2 Inch


Ox Tools OX-P082703 Pro Club Hammer 3lb


Ox Tools OX-T160904 Trade Cross Shaped Tile Spacer 4mm (250pk)

£2.23 £2.50

Ox Tools OX-T160905 Trade Cross Shaped Tile Spacer 5mm (250pk)

£2.17 £2.50

Ox Tools OX-P031003 Pro Brick Joint Raker 8,1/2''/3''


Ox Tools OX-P080120 Pro Claw Hammer 20oz

£23.58 £35.86£26.95£3.37 (13%)

Ox Tools Pro Tile Level System Spacers, Wedges And Adjustable Plier

from £12.93 £21.60£15.99£3.06 (19%)

Ox Tools Tech Lightweight Fleece

£31.97 £38.39

Ox Tools TC15 Trade Concrete/General Purpose Diamond Blade 300mm x 20mm

£36.99 £47.99£39.99£3.00 (8%)

Ox Tools OX-P083012 Pro Claw Bar 300mm/12in


Ox Tools OX-P083010 10in/250mm Pro Claw Bar


Ox Tools OX-P025702 226g/8oz Pro Chalk Refill - Blue