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A large range of padlocks to suit any need, including keyed differently, keyed alike, master keyed and rekeyable. If you can't find what you are looking for, or need something slightly different, please call us on 0845 800 1111 and we'd be delighted to help.

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Brass Padlocks Products

Brass Padlocks

The every-day padlock standard. Strong & great value.

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Cable Locks & Chains Products

Cable Locks & Chains

Suprisingly strong and flexible. A range of cable locks & chains to secure your prized asset.

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Combination Padlocks Products

Combination Padlocks

Convenience without a key. Great for luggage, lockers, bikes & scooters.

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Hasps & Staples Products

Hasps & Staples

High security hasps & staples to match your padlock.

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Heavy Duty Padlocks Products

Heavy Duty Padlocks

High security padlocks for demanding applications. Features the Abus Granit range.

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Titalium & Aluminium Padlocks Products

Titalium & Aluminium Padlocks

The strength of a brass padlock at a fraction of the weight, and lower price.

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Weatherproof Padlocks Products

Weatherproof Padlocks

Specially designed for outdoor use, sheds, gates and even boats.

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Yale Locks Value Safe - Medium

  • RRP: £92.35
  • £57.72
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Padlock Key Types

Keyed Padlocks - Padlocks which are simply opened with a key. Each padlock has a different key. 

Keyed Alike Padlocks - A set of padlocks with the same key. Usually used in places such as schools or estates with a groundsman / single keyholder. 

Master Keyed Padlocks - A set of padlocks with their own unique keys, but which has a master overriding key which can open each one in the set. 

Rekeyable Padlocks - Padlocks where the cylinder can be removed and reset to fit a completely new key.

We can offer all of the above, including serviced padlocks for the highest of security with our on-site locksmith. Please simply contact us with your requirements.

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