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LED Lenser Torches

LED Lenser L7

Lightweight, high performance & tough.
  • RRP: £34.96
  • £19.99
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LED Lenser P4

  • RRP: £23.95
  • from £16.99
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LED Lenser P7.2 Black Torch in Gift Box ( New Model 320 Lumens )

  • RRP: £59.95
  • £37.99
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LED Lenser Police Tech Focus

Our bestselling tactical torch.
  • RRP: £46.94
  • from £31.50
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LED Lenser X21

  • RRP: £314.95
  • £189.95
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LED Lenser X21R.2 Rechargeable Torch

The most powerful torch you'll ever own.
  • RRP: £399.95
  • £279.00
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LED Lenser Frogman

Underwater / Diving Torch
  • RRP: £51.95
  • from £32.95
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LED Lenser M1 Micro Pro Torch In Gift Box

  • RRP: £46.94
  • £32.95
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LED Lenser M5 Micro Pro Torch In Gift Box

  • RRP: £42.95
  • £32.50
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LED Lenser M7

  • RRP: £69.95
  • £59.99
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LED Lenser P14 Black Torch in Gift Box

  • RRP: £69.95
  • £42.00
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LED Lenser P17

  • RRP: £84.95
  • £49.95
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LED Lenser P5

  • RRP: £39.95
  • £29.99
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LED Lenser P6 Titanium Torch

  • RRP: £46.94
  • £29.99

LED Lenser P7 Titanium Torch

  • RRP: £59.95
  • £34.95
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LED Lenser T5

  • RRP: £39.95
  • £27.75

LED Lenser T7

  • RRP: £59.95
  • £36.95
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LED Lenser X7-R Rechargeable Torch

  • RRP: £149.95
  • £119.95

The LED Lenser torches which utilise a patented Advanced Focus System are industry leading tools of artificial light. Our range from LED Lenser are some of the most powerful LED torch on the current market.

The applications for which the lenser torches can be used are various. From harsh weather environments to water proof torches, for use in photography with amazing results in the dark of night with brilliant spot and floodlight illumination to extreme usage by cavers, cyclists and runners right through to the security industries; the police force, army and security guards to those who have an essential requirement for what is probably one of most powerful led torch in the world. LED Lenser Torches UK, Hand Helds, Flashlight, Lightweight And Durable

No matter the application with which you need a hand held torch to function, you are almost certainly guaranteed to receive the highest standard and best quality when buying into LED Lenser torches UK. Their range is vast and incredible and hosts some of the world's most advanced LED lighting technology to ever be placed inside a torch.

If you're a cyclist as well as requiring a torch that is lightweight and durable - which denotes the majority of their LED torches, then look no further than the LED Lenser P7 for use with the LED Lenser bike mount also. Spot to flood beam ability and 130 hours of battery, you will be negating paths and roads for miles with the 200 lumens of concentrated light. When in use on your bike, simple use the quick touch button for three levels of light, maximum to high and then low.

Tactical torches are a huge security industry requirement. Requiring the security torch or police torch to be compact, sturdy, reliable and yet deliver high vision, powerful light in an instant with long lasting power. The best seller and most recommended in this instance is the LED Lenser Police Tech Focus. A 1.25 watt LED and 120 hours of battery life and a simple twist of the head and you go from spot to flood in a second instantly viewing the space ahead of you. The police tech focus is the world's most recommended torch.

For cheap LED Lenser torches, look no further than two of their most popular hand helds. The LED Lenser L7 is a robust yet cheap solution with a magnificent 738 feet beam range and shock and shatter proof thanks to its polycarbonate shell. Another popular feature in LED Lenser reviews online is the P4, a pencil torch measuring 14cms by 1.4cm, it has a slimline pocket clip with circular beam up to 103 feet and for its size a fantastic 80 hours burn rate.

At the higher end comes the really big boys with high intensity, highly technologically advanced LED Lenser torches. The LED Lenser x21 is quite possibly the most powerful torch invented thus far, only rivalled by one or two others but certainly not in the same department. With up to 1100 lumens, the advanced focus system really goes to work to provided a light cone never before thought possible by a torch.

It is the brightest LED torch ever manufactured and is functional too. With seven CREE LED chips, a one hand focus system, 3 mode brightness switch and a burn time of 244 hours the LED Lenser X21 and X21R can light up the 1735 feet ahead of you. An exceptional LED torch measuring 40cms in length.

In the gift torch range comes the easily held LED Lenser M5 micro pro torch and M1. Both use a single battery but the M1 has twice the lumens thanks to the CR123 battery producing 155 lumens across 150 metres as opposed to the M5 with an AA battery and 88 lumens lighting up 104 metres. Both are lightweight with spot to flood AFS.

All of the torches herein are of a high performances nature, meant to be used in extreme weather conditions and pick up knocks throughout their lives. And each LED Lenser flashlight and torches comes with its own character and special specifications. The LED Lenser T5 delivers a spot free flashlight beam and an intense 305 feet beam of pure white light.

Set all the above against the aluminium LED Lenser P17 with an effective range of 1087 feet and 190 lumens and we're well on our way to understanding the strength in power which the best LED lenser torches have and how durable and reliable they really are. The P5, P6, M7 and P14 are also exceptional UK hand held torches.

LED Lenser Head Torch And Lenser Headlamp For Runners, Cyclists And Underground Activities

The LED Lenser headlamp range is an extraordinary collection of head torches which can operate as clothing attachments too. For use in a variety of extreme conditions, both around water, in water and at extreme temperatures you will find investing in any of the LED Lenser H7 Head Torch or LED Lenser Frogman a worthy decision.

Although not an head torch it is the Lenser Frogman that we begin and an amazing technological advancement which makes the LED Lenser Frogman the ideal torch for divers and especially with police divers. It has a watertight construction and its axial collimator combined with the inbuilt prism reflector system and crystal reflector tube system, the focus of the light and range is insurmountable to any other product in existance.

With the ability to be fully functional at a depth of 60 metres, it measures just under 16cms and has a high intensity 1.25 watt luxeon light chip, available in black or neon. Made of high grade steel and a shock proof synthetic material, it is the world's number one choice for divers and cavers alike.

The LED lenser headlamp is a leader in its field. Ranging from the H4, H14 and H7, most have rechargeable versions (H14r, H7r) allowing you to save costs on batteries after initial purchase. The H7 is the most popular of their cheapest LED Lenser head torch products, with 140 lumens, a range of 528 feet and three CREE LED chips it's a favourite for climbers and campers.

The manufacturer excels in providing lighting equipment that is not only exceptional in design but has multi functionality. All are versatile and lightweight and come complete with adjustable head straps, adjustable head lamps up to 90 degrees and integrated dimmer switch with most functions having one touch ability enabling an almost hands free head torch.

The H4 is a cheap LED lenser head torch but innovative. Although it has a burn time of 15 hours, it is very lightweight at 85 grams and has 45 lumens with an 18 foot range. The H4 head lamp can also be used as a hand held torch. The H14 is a completely different offering, a micro controller focuses and handles the smart light technology and a variety of different light functions with a speed focus option. A 13 hour burn time and 210 lumens at 210 metres makes this an unrivalled product.

The newest head lamps to come from the development room are the LED Lenser SEO3, SEO5 and SEO7-R. They are colourful, simple yet functional in design and are perfect for runners and cyclists with the single strap attaching to helmets. Coming in bright green, red and blue, the light emitted ranges from 90 lumens to 180 lumens and with a rechargeable version also. All of the LED Lenser SEO3, 5 and 7R utilise optisense technology and an advanced focus system with low weight and high end power its aim.

High Performance LED Lenser Keyring Torches And Accessories With Lifetime Guarantee

Fit for purpose, the small and compact LED Lenser key ring torches of which there are currently five, are some of the most powerful led keyring torches in the world. The newest edition, the LED Lenser K2 keyring torch provides a staggering 25 lumens yet is small enough and compact to fit in handbags, pockets and is supplied with a key ring attachment so as to accompany your car keys.

The majority of LED Lenser key ring torches are made from aircraft grade aluminium casing which provides for durability and makes for a lightweight material also. From their high performance range comes the best LED Lenser K3 Key Ring Torch. It's one of their lightest torches at 34 grams but has a phenemonal range of up to 113 feet and a burn time of up to fifty hours. This model is available in black or titanium and requires 4 AG13 batteries.

The LED Lenser P3 Key Ring Torch has a burn time of up to forty hours and an effective flood range of up to 140 feet and weighs in at just 42 grams, powered by one AAA alkaline battery. If you are ever going to choose a key ring torch make sure it's manufactured by LED lenser for the best range, the most powerful torch and some of the best performing and lightest key ring torches on the market today.

If you're looking for a compact torch with a multitude of add ons then consider the LED Lenser P2 Black Key Ring Torch. Complete with keyring mount and a very sturdy pocket clip it also comes with lanyard and a nylon pouch to keep it clean when travelling. The effective range is lower than others and at 98 feet with rear tail cap switch and output of 11 lumens.

The LED Lenser V2 Key Finder Torch and K2 Keyring Torch are similar in design and are relatively cheap keyring torches. The V2 is an exceptional product for its price. The 24ct gold contacts ensure high energy life and battery use and the crystal reflector tube system amass the light projected from the LED to ensure maximum light output. All of the range comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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