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Dormer Drill Bits

Dormer drills are primarily used by engineering firms for precision drilling. They make high quality drill bits in a wide range of incremental sizing. The range includes individual bits (including jobber, HSS & left hand drill bits) as well as sets.

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(32 products)

Dormer A101 HSS Left Hand Spiral Jobber Drill

  • RRP: £5.27
  • from £2.38
StarStarStarStarStar(22 reviews)

Dormer A002 HSS-TiN Coated Jobber Drill (mm)

For aluminium, wood & chipboard
  • RRP: £2.21
  • from £1.00
StarStarStarStarStar(16 reviews)

Dormer A100 HSS Jobber Drill

  • RRP: £2.00
  • from £0.90
StarStarStarStarStar(27 reviews)

Dormer A095202 Tin Drill Set 1.0-6.0 X 0.1mm

Set of 51 Dormer Drills
  • RRP: £228.00
  • £102.92

Dormer A190 High Speed Steel Drill Sets - Metric

  • RRP: £136.80
  • from £61.75
StarStarStarStarStar(1 review)

Dormer A095 Comp Hss Tin Drill Set 1-10mm X 0.5

Set of 13 drill bits
  • RRP: £116.28
  • £44.98
StarStarStarStarStar(1 review)

Dormer A125 HSS Extra Length Drill

  • RRP: £19.86
  • from £8.97
StarStarStarStarStar(8 reviews)

Dormer A100 HSS Jobber Drill (in)

  • RRP: £2.27
  • from £1.02
StarStarStarStarStar(4 reviews)

Dormer A095 No.201 HSS Tin Drill Set of 19 1.0-10.0 x 0.5mm

A set of 19 HSS jobber drills in a case
  • RRP: £145.20
  • £65.55
StarStarStarStarStar(3 reviews)

Dormer A002 HSS-TiN Coated Jobber Drill (in)

For aluminium, wood & chipboard
  • RRP: £2.50
  • from £1.13
StarStarStarStarStar(1 review)

Dormer A095 No.204 HSS Tin Drill Set of 25 1.0-13.0 x 0.5mm

A set of 25 HSS jobber drills in a case
  • RRP: £297.60
  • £134.33

Dormer A777 HSCo Heavy-Duty Jobber Drill

  • RRP: £6.38
  • from £2.88
StarStarStarStarStar(2 reviews)

Dormer A110 HSS Long Series Drill

  • RRP: £5.83
  • from £2.63

Dormer A120 HSS Stub Drill

  • RRP: £2.87
  • from £1.30
StarStarStarStarStar(2 reviews)

Dormer A110 HSS Long Series Drill (in)

  • RRP: £6.77
  • from £3.05
StarStarStarStarStar(1 review)

Dormer A130 HSS Taper Shank Drill

  • RRP: £56.40
  • from £25.47

Dormer A225 BS3 HSS Centre Drill Right Hand (in)

  • RRP: £6.77
  • from £3.05
StarStarStarStarStar(1 review)

Dormer A200 HSS Centre Drill

  • RRP: £12.36
  • from £5.58

Dormer A120 HSS Stub Drill (in)

  • RRP: £3.13
  • from £1.42

Dormer A096 No.413 HSS Drill Set of 13 1.0-10mm x 0.5mm

  • RRP: £46.18
  • £20.85
StarStarStarStarStar(2 reviews)
Out Of Stock More Info

Dormer R002 Carbide TiN Coated Jobber Drill

  • RRP: £138.00
  • from £110.76
Out Of Stock More Info
(32 products)

Dormer drill bits are a distinct favourite of Tradesmen and businesses requiring assurance to effectively see out any job on any material. Enter Dormer tools with a range of specification led Dormer drill bit that are general purpose as well as specifically made for drilling into masonry, stainless steel and chipboard. As the great many titanium drill bits, high performance solid carbide drills and tin coated jobber drills are precision engineered, they can offer fantastic self centring capability delivering a high precision circular cross section.

Our Dormer HSS drill bits cover every aspect of material drilling, cobalt drill bit sets, jobber drills, shank drill bits and long series drills for even the most difficult of tasks. Drill through high tensile materials, chipboard and aluminium. With UKTC, have confidence in relying on left handed drill bits, tungsten carbide drills and effective yet cheap drill bits to see the job through.

Dormer Drills HSS Bits and Sets To DIN And ISO Standard

Dormer Tools is an internationally renowned cutting tool company which has heralded a world wide service in the production of quality high speed metal drill bits and tungsten carbide drill bits for well over a century. While many of the Dormer drill bits products on offer are effective and replaceable cheap drill bits. Suppliers and tradesmen often turn to Dormer drill sets on price and quality. In tandem with UKToolCentre, to provide UK next day delivery whether in Manchester, Birmingham, London or Edinburgh.

Their range encompasses many tools for the job, from drill bits for wood, titanium drill bits and Jobber HSS tin drill sets suitable for hand or machine use due to the titanium nitride coating. The Dormer Tools bit sets and individual long drill bits proffered above are a wide selection of general purpose drill bits but also for specific jobs such as drilling wood and chipboard, for aluminium and abrasive materials as well as stainless steel drill bits for drilling austenitic stainless steel.

On offer at fantastic prices are the popular A190 Imperial HSS drill set, the A170 shank drill bit and the R002 carbide tin coated jobber drill. We have one of the best ranges of Dormer drills in the UK and cost effective cheap drill bits to keep your machinery in good condition and working order. From long series drills, stub drills and HSS centre drills our very competitive prices on Dormer tools UK should satisfy your personal, business and tradesmen's needs.

High Speed Steel (HSS) Dormer Drill Bits For Any Material

The UK Dormer drill bits are of exceptionally high quality to enable you to drill through masonry, steel or wood and a variety of other materials including aluminium, high tensile materials and being suitable for both machinery and manual use. The Dormer tools range from HSS drill bits, Dormer masonry drill bits and tin coated drills that are exceptionally great at drilling through wood and chipboard.

At the higher end are dormer cobalt drill bits specifically manufactured for fine precision drilling with standard helix and a right hand spiral, drill bits for stainless steel not withstanding the Dormer A108 HSS Quick Spiral Jobber Drill for Stainless Steel left hand drills bits which comes in a variety of sizes for drilling Austenitic Stainless Steel with a point angle of 135 and up to 1.5mm.

Whether you're seeking out 13mm drill bits, 14mm, 15mm or a 16mm drill bit, UKTC has a wide range of masonry drill bits, stainless steel drill bits, taper shank drills and metal drill bits which will enable you to undertake almost any task with any material imaginable. Dormer tools are either manufactured for a specific job and only that material or are general purpose and can be used on a wide range.

The Dormer hss drills are made of high quality steel drill bits and often coated with Titanium Nitride for additional strength and a longer lasting tool. The A190, A096 and A095 drill sets all include bits to match any size of circular cross section required, from 1/16th to 1/2in by 32nds.

Dormer Drill Sets: Cobalt, Tin Coated And Steel

If your work requires a wide range of drill bits then turn to the variety of Dormer HSS drill sets and the Dormer cobalt drill set for the best functionality and durability to accomplish your tasks. The best Dormer drill sets contain bits embossed with size for easy identification and in a wealth of different high end metals to suffice any need.

Of particular choice are the A777 drill sets, A095 HSS tin drill sets and the Dormer Imperial HSS Drill set. The latter containing 29 imperial jobber drill bits for use with wood, metals and a wide range of aeronautics and building materials in between. Due to the expertise gained over one hundred years of business activity and research into high tensile drilling, the steel drill bits have been treated and coated in appropriate metals to see that the perfect finish is achieved.

The best Dormer drill sets are the ones that best fit the job at hand. For instance the A190 high speed steel drill set contains a range of drills from 10.2 mm down to 0.5mm and back up to 13mm depending on which kit you're buying. As there are several alternatives. No 200 to No 206 with No 202 being the best value and containing 51 Dormer drill bits.

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