Hand Tools

Allen Keys Products

Allen Keys

Allen Keys & Hex Keys, sets & singles, metrical & imperial from Stanley & Teng.

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Batteries Products


9v, AA, AAA, C Cell, D Cell & battery chargers from Duracell & Energizer.

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Blades Products


Knife blades & replacement blades from Stanley & Irwin.

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Blow Torches & Soldering Products

Blow Torches & Soldering

Gas Torches, Blow Torches, Soldering Irons and soldering accessories.

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Bradawls Products


Bradawls from Faithfull, Stanley & Irwin Marples

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Brushes Products


Hand Brushes, Brooms, Broom Heads & Broom Handles from Faithfull.

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Builders Tools Products

Builders Tools

From shovels & earth rammers to tubs & mauls.

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Chalk Lines Products

Chalk Lines

Chalk lines and replacement chalk from Stanley, Faithfull & Strait-Line.

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Chisels Products


Chisels & Chisel Sets, Bevel Edge, Wood, Cold Chisels from Irwin Marples & Bahco.

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Clamps Products


G Clamps, C Clamps, Rack Clamps, Corner Clamps from Irwin, Carver & Bessey.

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Detectors & Testers Products

Detectors & Testers

Electrical testers & detectors, damp test meters, stud detectors, electrical meters.

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Engineering Tools Products

Engineering Tools

Calipers, scribers & magnets from Mitutoyo, Dormer, E-Magnets & more.

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Files Products


Hand Files & Sets, flat, round, half-round, square files from Bahco & Nicholson.

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Hammers Products


Ball Pein, Warrington, Claw, Lump & Sledge Hammers & Mallets.

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Hand Drills & Braces Products

Hand Drills & Braces

Hand Drills & Braces from Stanley & Faitfhfull.

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Hand Tackers & Staplers Products

Hand Tackers & Staplers

Hand tackers, staple guns, staplers & staples from Bostich, Arrow & Stanley.

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Knives Products


Stanley Knives, snap-off, retractable & Swiss-Army knives. Stanley, Irwin & Victorinox.

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Levels Products


Bubble & Spirit Levels, Laser Levels & Level Sets from Stanley & Stabila.

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Marking & Setting Out Tools Products

Marking & Setting Out Tools

Gauges, brick lines, markers & bevels from Markal, Sharpie, Strait-Line & more.

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Measuring Products


Tape Measures, Rules & Tapes from Fisco & Stanley Fat Max.

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Mitre Boxes Products

Mitre Boxes

Mitre Boxes & Mitre Blocks from Emir, Faithfull & Stanley.

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Oil Cans & Grease guns Products

Oil Cans & Grease guns

Oil cans, oilers & grease guns from Faithfull & Wesco.

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Pipework Products


Pipe Benders, Pipe Cutters, Plungers & Drain Rods from Hilmor, Monument & more.

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Planes Products


Planes, Spokeshaves & Surforms from Stanley & Irwin Record.

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Pliers Products


Combination, Nose, Water Pump Pliers from Bahco, Visegrip & Knipex.

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Plumbing Tools Products

Plumbing Tools

Olive pullers, radiator keys, pipe clearers from Bailey, Monument & more.

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Punches Products


Pin, Centre & Nail Punches, Punches Sets from Stanley & Priory.

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Riveters & Rivets Products

Riveters & Rivets

Riveters, Rivet Tools & Rivets from Stanley, Arrow & Faithfull.

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Saws Products


Hand, Coping & Tenon Saws, Hacksaws & Bowsaws from Bahco, Irwin & Stanley.

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Scrapers Products


Floor Scrapers, Multi Scrapers, Cabinet Scrapers from Bahco & Roughneck.

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Screwdrivers Products


Slotted, Phillips, VDE, Torx, Pozi & Sets from Wera, Stanley & Teng.

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Sharpening Tools Products

Sharpening Tools

Whetstones & Sharpening Files from DMT, India & Multi-Sharp.

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Spanners Products


Spanners & spanner sets, ratchets & scaffold spanners from Teng, Bahco & Priory.

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Squares Products


Carpenters, try, combination & pocket squares from Irwin Marples & Stanley.

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Tiling Tools Products

Tiling Tools

Tile Cutters, Glass Cutters, Trowels & Floats from Vitrex, Shaws & Stanley.

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Torches Products


Torches, Head Torches & Key-Ring Torches from LED Lenser, Maglite & Rolson.

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Trowels Products


Brick, cement, corner, pointing & plastering trowels from Marshalltown & RST.

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Vices Products


Bench, mechanics, wood, engineers vices from Irwin Record & Stanley.

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Wrecking & Pry Bars Products

Wrecking & Pry Bars

Wrecking bars, pry bars & demolition bars from Roughneck & Stanley.

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Wrenches Products


Adjustable wrenches & torque wrenches from Bahco, Irwin Record & Teng.

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